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Big River Solutions have repeatedly proved to be the perfect partner when challenged with maintaining a category leadership position is a dynamic segment, impacted by rapid changes in consumer tastes and competitive actions.

Paul Gordon - VP Strategy (Europe), Sales and Marketing, Coca-Cola Enterprises.

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When do you review your business goals?

When do you review your business goals, objectives and practices? How often does a business ask “Do you really need to do that” or is it a fluffy exercise that to justify a report? If there is a belief we have too much data is it also true that we produce endless reports measuring detail […]

How many hands touch a banana?

From Ecuador to a supermarket in Iceland, the answer is bananas are touched 33 times in over 8800kms begging the question, how authentic is that food label? Last week my daughter and I decided to attend “Food: Bigger than the plate” at the V&A museum in London. I have to say it wasn’t top of […]

Shopper Marketing: De-bunking the urban myth

Firstly let’s be controversial… most Shopper Marketing undertaken by a brand should be inspired and informed by a Category Vision / Strategy. Yes, it can be brand activation inspired by brand insights or brand collateral, but either way, it needs to have an identified consumption and shopper behaviour change. It needs to be aligned to […]