You should be an octopus, it’d be good for you

Because you might adapt and survive these trying times.

Octopi, like other cephalopods, edit their genetic instructions 60x faster than we do!

So, their ability to adapt to their changing environment allows them to hunt, feed and survive despite the challenges they’re faced with.

Does this make them intelligent?

Well, up to two-thirds of their brain cells are located within their tentacles or periphery, dedicated to visual, touch and chemical sensations.

They can reach out in several directions at the same time and learn from the stimuli they receive, making them more able to identify opportunities to hide or feed…

…such as opening a sealed jar to get to the food inside.

Is this intelligence or just having the behavioural flexibility for environmental adaption?

Psychologist Robert J. Sternberg defined intelligence as follows:

“Intelligence is one’s ability to learn from experience and to adapt to shape, and select environments.”

One thing’s for sure, with the changes going on right now in both the social and business world, those that can demonstrate behavioural flexibility will be in the best position not just to survive but thrive.

This goes for businesses as much as individuals!

For example, to identify all of the hunting grounds that you might not have considered before and to quickly sense whether they’re right for you or if you need to hide from them.

I’m no Jacques Cousteau (google it if you’re under 40 years old), but I call that pretty intelligent!

So, do you need to be an octopus right now?

If so, start by re-considering the markets you’re in. How far can your brand(s) reach? What intelligence can you gain from the stimuli that you have? Seriously, consider adapting your behaviour towards this and other parts of your business.

Let me know if you agree, or maybe you think there’s another animal or creature you think you need to be in the new environment?

If so, I’d love to know which one and why?