Our Voice

Who are you?

Results of a recent industry survey confirmed that not enough people know what we do. I thought it was time to change that. Here is a very quick introduction.

We all know that management consulting firms exist to solve problems. This business model hasn’t changed in 100 years. Problem-solving is a key asset for any consultant.

Trusted Niche Consultancy

Our consultancy focusses on one niche – commercial excellence within CPG. That’s our area of expertise.

Catalyst for Growth

As external consultants, we want to be the catalyst for change, excellence, and growth. We are able to combine our experience with effective problem-solving strategies to address the development of commercial excellence for clients. We de-risk change and implement revitalisation initiatives.

Operational Compatibility

We are not a consultancy that believes in the philosophy of ‘build it and they will come’. We explore the complexity of problems to create solutions that address the fundamental issue. We develop a process compatible with the organisation. We carefully evaluate potential solutions against constraints and effectively monitor our progress by tracking and refining on the go.

Leave a Legacy

We explore, enable and empower teams to work diligently, safe in the knowledge that strategic rigour has been applied to operational success. Our intention is to leave a legacy of operational excellence long after project completion.


We understand commercial excellence from the concept to execution. We know how to design it, build it and deliver it. We have been doing this for over 15 years.

If you’re looking for a tier 1 niche CPG consultancy delivering capability and competency programs, strategic and tactical process design or growth initiatives we can help.

Let’s have a chat or if the time isn’t right to fix a time today let us know when would be convenient. https://www.bigriversolutions.com/home/about-us/stay-in-touch/