What the 4x is Omni-Channel Marketing?

E-Commerce, shopper marketing and channel strategy are perceived by many, to be within the omnichannel experience. But is omnichannel a misunderstanding caused by a misalignment of definition?

Recently I have heard Omni-channel described as an outdated term, with the updated name being ‘digital duplication’ (of the physical store). Is it a digital store, e-commerce or a web presence or more? Some say Omnichannel is simply the updated definition of shopper marketing or shopper activation.

So what is it?

We think Omnichannel is more like this – a strategy to influence the shopper journey from inspiration to the transaction.


  • Is the next level of Shopper Marketing
  • It targets, influences and persuades the shopper.
  • It comes alive at the Point of Purchase and Point of Sale.
  • It extends and integrates shopper marketing.
  • It delivers along the whole shopper journey to make the experience as enjoyable and straightforward as possible.


“If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck… it’s a duck.”

Question: Is Omnichannel Marketing’s power the delivery of an “always-on” consumer obsessed, strategy?  If so, how do you deliver a better omnichannel experience in all environments?

Understand what you want

At a recent webinar where a panel of CEO’s from some of the most successful retailers in the UK spoke, they all confirmed that in the last year, the retail sector had experienced more change in 2020 than it had in the previous 20 years.

Now that’s not fresh news, but enough time has passed for anecdotal evidence to become quantifiable.  So how do you develop a growth plan in that ever-changing environment? Our advice is always to explore options using hindsight, insight and foresight before focusing on the solution. Sounds simple, doesn’t it, but how many suppliers and customers do it?

This is where our Value Chain Marketing approach allows a business to deep dive into the need for change and avoid these pitfalls:

  • Bolting on a shopper activation plan written today, to a category vision developed three years ago. That might not be ideal.
  • Introducing an eCommerce strategy as an added extra to a brand strategy could confuse messaging.
  • Launching a once in a life-time strategic solution only to find it can’t be embedded
  • Realising, too late, that capabilities are misaligned
  • Launching a plan that only creates channel confusion.

An Omnichannel Marketing strategy creates and activates flexible and agile commercial solutions which deliver harmonised growth across the category, brand, consumer, shopper and customer.

Consumer/shopper behaviour has changed significantly over the last year. How much of this has become a new habit? We have yet to find out, but delivering a consistent, personalised message at all available points pf purchase and points of sale undoubtedly can lead to improved consumer/shopper satisfaction. Besides, increased brand loyalty leads to enhanced sales/return on activities.

If omnichannel marketing is an area you would like to explore more, get in touch. We would love to help.