The Role of a Category Strategy in 2021

Big River SolutionsWith the changes we have seen in the last year affecting consumers, shoppers, channels and customers, should we ensure we develop plans for the ‘new’ future?

Can we copy and paste a category strategy with some edits? Should the strategy reflect the changed behaviour we saw in 2020? We should consider the best way to drive growth and optimise our activities?

One way to do this is to utilise your category vision as a source of inspiration, but does it still hold in the ‘new’ world?

So I have a question…

Do you have an existing category strategy? Would it benefit from a sense check in the light of recent changes, before:

  • You commit your brands to support it.
  • Do you take it to the trade in the hope of persuading them to provide more presence and support for your brands?

Things that you might be thinking…

  • What does an excellent category strategy look like?
  • Is ours fit for purpose?
  • Is ours robust enough to invest in?
  • Have we missed anything?
  • Will our customers support this, or have we wasted our time?

Would you like to improve the robustness of your Category Strategy by using highly experienced external experts to assess your Category Strategy against global best practice standards?

What would be the benefit?

A more robust and cohesive category story that has a compelling investment opportunity for your brands and your customers

How we can help you…

  • At Big River Solutions, we have distilled our vast international experience in guiding companies to create highly effective, business accelerating Category Strategies and Category Based Selling Presentations into a set of practical best-practice standards and guides.
  • Using these standards, we will assess your Category Strategy and Category Based Selling Presentations to point out strengths & weaknesses and make clear recommendations for improvement.
  • We offer simple “sense checks” to “in-depth assessments”, all designed to help you ensure your Category Strategy and Category Based Selling Presentations are working as hard as possible to help you grow your business.

If this is of interest, get in touch. We would love to help.