The 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th industrial revolution selling the right solution to the right shopper will be key.

As suppliers, customers, shoppers and consumers, search for what they want and need, has the time come to re-evaluate what is possible?

For the shopper the term omnichannel doesn’t exist and here is why:

  • Shoppers buy for the occasion either daily or weekly, online or offline
  • For the customers, it’s either in my store or not in my store
  • For suppliers, it’s where-ever the shopper / consumers want it to be.

With the emergence of the 4th industrial revolution, AI, IoT and robots are set to be the backbone of all industry sectors, not just FMCG/CPG. Predicted innovations include driverless cars, trains and planes. Those in the legal profession and financial services will feel the pinch as well blue-collar trades. Which all seems a little far-fetched doesn’t it? But maybe not. Post Brexit somethings has got to change.

In addressing this change, marketers will need to drive brand values upwards, closer towards the personal values of the shopper / consumer. The victim here will be niche solutions. In the future, small will not be the new big. Mass brand companies will grow and consolidate whilst aspirational brands will be at a premium and therefore will prosper.

Those brands that can offer service innovation combined with a personal service will survive. Brands will fall into 2 groups utility products and personal products. Personal service products will perform well when accompanied by a highly invested service whilst utility products will survive in dark automated warehouses.

Brands with poor communications plans and with no emotional engagement will fall by the wayside due to low cut through in a crowded and noisy marketplace. Personal or concierge marketing will elevate the customer, shopper and suppliers conversation. This, in turn, will lead to a more emotionally connected proposition for all.

Authentic brands that are relevant will win at the end of the day proving that the 4th industrial revolution won’t all be about the algorithm!