Staying connected whilst working from home

Big River SolutionsHere are 5 ways to stay connected. (These are not for everyone but one or two may work)

The Daily Commute.

Don’t just tumble out of bed and go to the laptop. Why not grab a coffee  (on your virtual way to work) and make a pre-arranged call to a colleague. Fireside chats first thing in the morning can help focus.

Gamify the day

Working from home can eat into your time management techniques. It’s very easy for time to slide so why not choose a co-worker and gamify the day.  Break each task into 25 minutes -Bill Gates has been doing this for years. Grab a teammate (virtually) and then Ready-set-go! Then give yourself a 5-minute break and do it again. Task discipline will quickly come back.

Always on video

In the office we used to have death by PowerPoint we now having death by video.  So put the discipline back into video usage. If you used to have chats with colleagues at the water cooler, have chats with colleagues over video. Set up time it at a set time, have them frequently and make it mandatory for all. Or even better, use WhatsApp or go old school and call. It’s easy to dial others in that way.


Curry night

When life revolved around the office, we very rarely had time to socialise with our colleagues outside of work hours in this new virtual world that’s easy so why not arrange a Thursday night Curry night or pub games. As long as it’s fun who cares Just keep it professional

Virtual discipline

We’ve done enough of these by now… Virtual meetings. No matter how many are on the call there are certain disciplines that need to be introduced. Have only the documents open you need for the meeting. Switch everything else off. Turn your mobile to silent. Imagine you’re in a room with your colleagues and the only thing that matters is the topic of conversation Create a virtual world that supports this meeting.

Good luck and if you need any help our contact details are below.

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