Changing shopper behaviour to drive category growth


Hello, thanks for hitting on the link. In this section, I want to explore some of the services that we developed over the last 15 years that creates a changing shopper behaviour

With a history in category management and shopper marketing and by working for large global FMCG organisations, we have seen at first hand how the shopper has changed the face of retailing. Today the consumer is more involved in purchase decisions, identifying the opportunities which has lead  to a more direct path to purchase online, off-line, on the High Street, out of town and on the forecourt.

As a consequence today the retailer has to decide where they promote and display their product and what form of fulfillment deliver will take. In addition there is a responsibility for teams, to build categories that enable consumer belief in the manufacturer. Now is the time to change shopper behaviour by building capability in-house.

Today the shopper is looking for personalisation, sustainability, province and a select range within the category.

This behaviour should be included in any category and reflected in private label, every day as well as premium listings to create a category that is much more compelling to today’s shopper.

Shopper behaviour has changed significantly over the last 10 years with the arrival of the discounters. This coincided with the decline in popularity on the High Street. In that time and shoppers choice is changed as well with the growth of in the vegan food sector, healthy eating healthy living and a healthy lifestyle and also contributed to this change the fee to go sector is now the fastest growing category with vegan products taking the lead and this is no coincidence.

Category teams have to focus on the more long-term decisions for the category that they are representing. There is a need to be agile, responsive to the shopper and the consumer simultaneously, whilst accelerating NPD. There is a need to adapt to the environment becoming engrossed in the principles of agility, breaking down silos and increasing face-to-face time whilst reducing pointless meetings.

Today CPG’s need to embrace change to deliver compelling propositions to shoppers. By taking the right risks to overcome operational constraints and battle against entitlement

CPGs should review how they behave and adopt behaviours to reflect the changes in their environment. They need to be disruptive and agile, challenging accepted norms and creating innovative and compelling propositions. It is therefore right that individuals within these organisations will need to change too.

Over the coming years, we are in for an incredibly positive experience but only if we, as individuals, can think and act like well-seasoned disruptors. So embrace change and use your experience and skills. Delivering growth is a new job title.

The future is all about focusing on the shopper experience, agile operations, quick risk-averse decision-making, and explosive growth. By focusing on growth today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

It’s time to embrace change.