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Big River Solutions have repeatedly proved to be the perfect partner when challenged with maintaining a category leadership position is a dynamic segment, impacted by rapid changes in consumer tastes and competitive actions.

Paul Gordon - VP Strategy (Europe), Sales and Marketing, Coca-Cola Enterprises.

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Timely reminders

I’ve been looking through some old sales training material. Its something I do around this time of year. It refreshes the parts other notes can’t reach.  Something that has caught my attention today is Point of Purchase Drivers. These bring the four areas Account managers try to influence, together to increase the volume and hence […]

Eat cake and chat

Last Friday morning I found myself sitting in an air-conditioned cafe. My morning commute had been cancelled last night after the train lines buckled in Thursday’s heatwave. By Friday the rolling stock was in the wrong place. End result: trains were cancelled. So it was to be another day finding a workaround.  Mind you I […]

Making It Live

Projects live or die depending on how they are embedded in an organisation. Project completion is only the start. Many projects are completed and then die because the benefits from the project do not translate into the operational environment. It is inevitable that towards the end of the project ‘getting the job done’, becomes the […]