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Our Partners

In addition to the solutions offered by Big River Solutions, we have teamed up with a selection of complimentary service providers to augment the total solution


A world leader in data science

dunnhumby is the global leader in Customer Data Science, empowering businesses everywhere to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven economy. We always put the Customer First.

Our mission: to enable businesses to grow and reimagine themselves by becoming advocates and champions for their Customers


Shopper Research

We are an insight consultancy dedicated to understanding shoppers and the places they shop, from their first glimmer of interest, right through to the checkout


Social Selling

The “Social First” Management Consultancy


Commercial Capability Deveopment

By working with clients to strengthen their commercial capabilities and significantly improve execution of their plans


Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Brand Ambition is a specialist in strategic marketing consultancy.
Our goal is simple: to help you to prepare your business for the future, serve your markets and customers better – and make more money from doing so.
We’re independent, accessible and straight-forward. We’ll help you turn complex questions into clear actionable plans – and develop your team’s capability to deliver them


Consumer Marketing

Developing game-changing marketing and creative solutions – that deliver.

We believe clients are increasingly looking for an agency solution beyond the traditional agency model. At Clinton, we relish in seeing things differently through visionary and insightful thinking. We find smart, cost-effective solutions to marketing problems and fresh ways to add real value. Clinton isn’t an agency; it’s your marketing partner. It’s a new way of working


Video research on demand.

Voxpopme helps the entire organisation to see how customers truly feel. Voxpopme’s platform delivers end-to-end video research through solutions that have transformed the process of capturing, analysing and sharing content, making working with video fast and easy

Virtual Store Trials

Virtual Store Trials

Virtual Store Trials is a product designed to help retailers and manufacturers accelerate decision making by quickly finding out if potential retail scenarios actually work for them and their customers


Virtual Reality Technology

Utilising the latest virtual reality technology, coupled with extensive space planning expertise and shopper insight, the Sodalite Group can understand shopper behaviour and develop a strategy to maximise profitability whilst enhancing shopper satisfaction and increasing sales



When we set up Veritas in 2005, we wanted to bring together a collection of trusted, genuine, highly-experienced industry experts to deliver no-nonsense recruitment solutions. The way we deal with clients and candidates is refreshingly different. We work with them in a way that suits their needs and scale up, or scale down, our approach accordingly. By taking the time to understand them, they never feel like we’re ticking boxes just to hit targets. That way, we can feel proud of what we do. And we only want to work with people who feel the same. It’s what sets us apart.

PathFormance is the Leader in Digital Shopper Marketing

PathFormance captures data on the shopper for insights and continuous learning for marketing activation and delivers this information in near real time. This can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace to be armed with knowledge to execute successful marketing strategies

first purchase

Shopper Insights

First Purchase Research is a shopper insights company that helps brands grow penetration. Inspired by the work of Byron Sharp and How Brands Grow, we have developed a new approach that changes the way brands target shoppers and places Sharp’s laws of growth at the front of mind when trying to understand and influence shopper behaviour.

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