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Our Fun Fact 2019 Challenge

Big River Solutions Fun FactsThis year we have set ourselves a challenge to provide one fun fact per day. This will be posted on our LinkedIn business page and here on this blog. The challenge is for no other reason than to give us a daily challenge… it’s a bit of fun.

Facts will be consumer or shopper related and current.

If you have any fun facts you want to share, get in touch.

So here is the first fact.

Fun Fact 1 – 3rd January:

34% of plastic in the sea comes from our synthetic clothing. The first 8 – 10 washes of that new fleece or sports leggings releases the most plastic. Some microplastics are a 13th the width of a human hair. They end up in the water supply via the filter in the washing machine to be consumed by fish which we then eat

(Source: BBC Radio 4 – New Year Solutions – Presented by Jo Fidgen)

Fun Fact 2 – 4th January:

Using the washing machine for one load of washing every two days is the equivalent to flying from London to Glasgow. Now that’s changing the climate, and not in a good way.

Top tip: Next time you want to wash those denim jeans, put them in the freezer. Freezing disinfects your jeans, is better for the environment and your jeans last longer.

Opportunity: There’s a new business proposition for supermarket freezers.

(Source: BBC Radio 4 – New Year Solutions – Presented by Jo Fidgen)

Fun Fact 3: 7th January:

“We produce and use twenty times more plastic today than we did 50 years ago”

( Source: C B Environmental Ltd. Cwm Nant Yard, Capel Bangor, Ceredigion. SY23 3LL)

Fun Fact 4: 8th January:

“In 2006, 62% of all payments in the UK were made using cash; in 2016 the proportion had fallen to 40%. By 2026, it is predicted cash will be used for just 21%, according to figures from UK Finance.”

(Source: The Guardian newspaper –

Fun Fact 5: 9th January:

“£42.43 is the average spend on food and drink, per person, per week.”


Fun Fact 6 – 10th January :

In Britain, 27 bottles of Marmite are bought every minute and. Marmite was first sold in 1902.

(Source:  #retail

Fun Fact 15 –  17th January: About 90% of consumers will buy from a company with a purpose.


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