Opportunity or Threat? You decide

The UK is going through a major cost of living squeeze (arguably the worst in decades), as a consequence consumers will modify their consumption habits, shoppers will make different choices when buying, as they can no longer afford to consume and buy the products and services they are used to. Retailers will change strategies and tactics to protect and drive their business. Consumers and shoppers will shift their consumption and purchase between categories, brands, channels and retailers in order to maximise the value and affordability of the benefits they want


  1. Some categories will decline BUT
  2. Some brands will decline faster
  3. Some brands will grow
  4. Some categories will grow BUT
  5. Some brands will grow faster
  6. Some brands will decline

As a consequence, suppliers need to seize the initiative to protect and drive their business. Specific actions to consider include:

  1. understand the direction and degree of consumer / shopper switching between categories, brands, channels and retailers
  2. form a view on how the category and brands will be affected by the cost of living squeeze
  3. develop a portfolio and brand response that gives them the commercial advantage in their category
  4. present category and brand solutions to customers, to support their business during this difficult time.

How can Big River Solutions help you?

We help retailers and suppliers grow their categories and brands to their full commercial potential by increasing their capability in the critical success factors for driving demand across the whole market value chain – we call this the Commercial Advantage Programme.

Do you need help in developing an effective commercial response to the cost of living squeeze, to protect and drive your categories and brands?

If so we would be delighted to help.