Listen without prejudice. It’s surprising what you might hear.

Listen without prejudice

Why has CPG brand growth been overlooked in 2020? With many companies focusing on fulfilment, has the time for brand growth arrived?  As we head into 2021, will category development and brand growth be core to category and brand recovery?

2020 has been an excellent time to listen to business leaders who are at the forefront of this industry. Over the year many business leaders have confirmed the need to develop the following: 

  1. A more integrated demand-side solution that connects the strategy to operations
  2. That enhances brand equity
  3. That accelerates growth for all.

In recent months client conversations have centred around the need to identify new opportunities and stringently detail potential threats for the brand and category. As we know, the more value a brand can add to an evolving category, the more the category will succeed.  In 2020 clients have highlighted the need to find new ways to grow the categories in which they compete. How the brand assists the customer to compete more successfully and sustainably in a repurposed category, will drive the success of the brand. This collaborative mindset will accelerate growth

In 2020 retailers and suppliers learned that the more influential the commercial organisation at empowering colleagues to create a sustainable source of competitive growth. The more stakeholders could see financial value in the brand, accelerating and sustaining long term commercial success should be at the heart of all CPG commercial strategies. However, implementing those strategies efficiently and effectively to build competitive advantage still eludes those seeking long term success.

In 2021 organisations will begin to transform silos into efficient and effective cross-functional teams.  But silos work, don’t they? Organisations benefit from this approach in the early days. But as teams become familiar with silo dynamics, the commercial requirements of the operation can become obscured.

As silos are diluted operational transparency will become the norm over the next 24 months. Harmonisation of business operations to create and drive operational efficiencies and create strategic growth will transpose the brand into the growth champion.

With the business environment becoming increasingly complex, dynamic and challenging, pressure on the organisation’s ability to compete effectively is put under the spotlight. Teams adjust to these critical challenges in capability and competence development to efficiently compete in this new economy.

Clients have been asking how to drive demand and find new growth. In this situation, we always take a three-stepped approach to diagnosis:

  1. Is the strategy fit for purpose?
  2. Are the operational tools and processes adaptable?
  3. Are the team able to transition?

The last point can be the most cost-effective and more comfortable to update. Developing the skills of individual and team competence to meet current and future competitive requirements, should be more efficient in the short, medium and long term.  What can organisations do to invest in change without breaking the bank?

In summary

  • To drive growth, a strategy has to identify and support consumer, shopper and customer growth opportunities for brand portfolio based on a deep understanding of the category context in which they compete
  • Secondly, the approach has to quantify and assess the total market opportunity and potential threats for a consumer-defined category of products. This approach sets the context for brands to compete more successfully and sustainably.
  • To drive sustainable growth and equity of the company’s brands across all categories, the band has to develop relevant category growth opportunities in all parts of the market value chain. This growth plan creates brand-building opportunities that are sustainable and relevant propositions for target consumers, shoppers and retailers.
  • The key point is to clarify that the company’s brands are the consumer’s first choice at every relevant moment of consumption.
  • Ensure the company’s brands are the shopper’s first choice whenever they decide to buy from the category and to ensure that decision is acted upon when making the purchase
  • To secure the required support for the company’s brands within the customer sphere of operation and influence

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