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Category Vision

In recent years we have seen a shift by CPGs to deliver today, without a strategic view on how to deliver tomorrow. Resources have been redistributed to support this with less priority being given to driving category growth. In the last few months this seems to be changing with more conversations being had with CPGs […]

Learning to fish

In March this year Forbes published an article by Robert C Walcott (Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management) which explored the trials and tribulations experience by Kraft Heinz under the leadership of 3G. In the article Walcott confirmed what many in the industry had long suspected that by focusing […]

Making Activation pay its way

Many clients find that activating the brand strategy at the shelf can be complex and that they often miss the target. Above all, it is high maintenance and can be a frustrating exercise.  The second potential issue is the failure to connect the category plan to shopper activation in-store. Therefore in this short piece, I […]