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Understanding our shoppers and categories


Why do we need insights?

We are now awash with data, the question is

  • Do you have the correct data and are you generating actionable insights from it?
  • Do you have questions, but not the correct data to answer them?

To answer these questions Big River Solutions has partnered with key suppliers to ensure that our clients can access the right type of data to answer the question in hand or to identify opportunities.

This added to our practical and pragmatic approach, alongside many years of experience, will ensure the maximum return from the research/data.

There may be a requirement for additional data/research to be purchased/commissioned as a key input to some of our projects eg developing a category vision.


We can help in the following areas:

Ad hoc shopper research:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Observation
  • Ethnography
  • Semiotics

Loyalty card data

Video research

Virtual reality



This is a selection of the areas we can assist you in:

Up-skilling your team in:

  • delivering optimum ad hoc research
  • turning data into insights

these are two of our open workshops available year round.

Delivering key research projects including –

Purchase Decision Trees

  • project management of research
  • stakeholder management
  • workshop facilitation to optimise ROI from research – creating strategies and action plans.


Course summary
Our portfolio - Project Management
understanding cause and effect
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November 12, 2018

Byron Sharp says…

Byron Sharp is famous for saying that “sales growth won’t come from relentlessly relying upon a particular segment of the brand’s consumers.” Whilst this statement might have been true in 2010 when he published his book, does it still have a place in the marketing almanac today? Companies such as Proctor and Gamble,  Unilever, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Verizon […]

September 24, 2018

Can you entertain?

On a recent trip to the Speciality Food exhibition at Olympia, it was fabulous to see the innovation on display. From obscure South American beans to niche confectionary all the exhibitors were thriving.