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Who are we...

With a diverse team of leaders and seasoned category and shopper practitioners, each assignment is approached with an expert eye, a professional curiosity and a determination to land the plan.

It helps that our consultants include world champion cyclists, tri-athletes, martial art world champions, and self-starters, who delight in working with clients across a wide range of consumer industries, to enrich the shopper experience and increase customer understanding.

We deliver projects that lead to skill enhancement, improvement in practices and processes and leave (through firmly embedding our output) a legacy that survives long after we have left. We continue to demonstrate our ability to deliver projects that are strategic or tactical and that deliver internally as well as sometimes, being the face of our clients externally.

It's our belief...

With many consumers becoming familiar with subscription-based purchasing, this understanding is the starting point to transform the workplace.

There is a need to change faster, a desire to grow stronger, to learn deeper whilst recognising that technology can replace the mundane. Employers have to ensure tomorrows workforce is more strategic in output and able to deliver stronger operational performance. But today transitioning is burdensome for the company, department, team and individual alike.

By identifying and shaping performance and priorities we can help your team transition. We help you focus on your customer’s critical issues and drive growth in the four key areas of people, practice, process and performance.

We enhance operational performance through continuous assessment, collaboration and driving for best in class. We recognise that many companies are operating outdated processes on legacy systems in multiple siloed environments. By not recognising the benefits of technological excellence within an operational environment, some companies exclude themselves from a place at the table.

Our team of experts enable clients to explore new platforms and solutions that support their objectives and that engage with their customers. With our thorough understanding and an objective to connect the consumer, shopper and client, we are ideally placed to help you realise your ambition.


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Oct 1, 2018

Online Category Management

As shoppers do more of their shopping online, the e-commerce channel needs to keep up with the changing demands of shoppers and evolving channel capabilities. Many suppliers have become very adept at delivering category management initiatives for bricks and mortar stores. Unfortunately, when it comes to online or e-commerce, this can be an afterthought. The […]

Jun 13, 2018

Shopper Marketing based social selling for brands

Sometimes we forget that the hard yards count for something. Yesterday I received an unexpected email from Tim Hughes who along with Adam Gray and Alexander Low is part of Digital Leadership Associates. This team are at the forefront of social selling globally. Tim’s email asked me to review an article he had written based […]

Jun 5, 2018

The Rebalancing Resources Report 2018

A year on, we have reviewed and updated our report so that it reflects the current situation. Has anything changed? What needs to happen to encourage long term growth? What is next for brands and categories? In this report, we explore the ‘Why” and identify the ‘it’. Our research confirms that over the last 10 […]