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With a diverse team of leaders and seasoned category and shopper practitioners, each assignment is approached with an expert eye, a professional curiosity and a determination to land the plan.

It helps that our consultants include world champion cyclists, tri-athletes, martial art world champions, and self-starters, who delight in working with clients across a wide range of consumer industries, to enrich the shopper experience and increase customer understanding.

We deliver projects that lead to skill enhancement, improvement in practices and processes and leave (through firmly embedding our output) a legacy that survives long after we have left. We continue to demonstrate our ability to deliver projects that are strategic or tactical and that deliver internally as well as sometimes, being the face of our clients externally.




November 30, 2017

Creating a Capability Framework

A major part of what makes your business unique is its capabilities.  They define your customers’ value and they distinguish you from your competitive set. If you are able to offer something that is unique, your customers will choose you to help them develop the category in their business. A capability framework is an important […]

November 26, 2017

Project Management – the unsung hero

We define project management as the planning, organisation and then management of the resources required to complete a specific task. Projects are different to business-as-usual activities. They require people to come together temporarily to focus on specific project objectives. This group of people may be recruited from disparate parts of the business and may be at very different levels […]

October 3, 2017

The 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th industrial revolution selling the right solution to the right shopper will be key. As food manufacturers, customers and shoppers search for what they want and need, has the time come to re-evaluate what is possible? For the shopper the term omnichannel doesn’t exist and here is why: Shoppers buy for the occasion […]