Range Reviews

Range Reviews:
Optimising In-store Assortment

Category Management

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your category is optimised, is to conduct impartial, analytical range reviews. This is the most basic of skills in category management.

Here are four reasons why:

  • Shopper satisfaction is at the heart of any retail operation
  • The point at which this occurs is the point of purchase/consumption
  • Converting shoppers needs at point of purchase quickly and efficiently is what we are aiming to deliver. This can open up the shopper to further browsing, delivering incremental sales
  • Failing to fulfil shoppers needs, leads to dissatisfaction and in the worst case, shoppers abandoning their shopping occasion.

Why are range reviews important?

  • They optimise the options available to shoppers at point of purchase/consumption
  • They should reflect a historical view about the segment, account, shopper and consumer, but should have future proofing as part of them, including allocating space to growing areas
  • They optimise the conversion rate into purchase.
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How Big River Solutions can help

  • We can help upskill teams
  • Create practices and processes to deliver enhanced output
  • Deliver outsourced range reviews.