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Internet of Everything
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What's changing?

In the 4th industrial revolution selling the right solution to the right shopper will be key. As food manufacturers, customers and shoppers search for what they want and need, has the time come to re-evaluate what is possible.

With the emergence of  AI, IoT and robots are set to be the backbone of all industry sectors, not just FMCG/CPG. Predicted innovations include driverless cars, trains and planes. Those in white collar will feel the pinch as well as blue collar trades. Which all seems a little far fetched doesn’t it. But maybe not. Post Brexit somethings got to change.

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CPG Impact?

Is it a truism that the value of any product or service has a shorter shelf life in today’s economy as consumers become more sophisticated?

Today the consumer intuitively knows what is a good deal and when an interesting proposition has limited value.  As a consequence product life cycles are becoming shorter with the buyers experience moving from ‘Must have’ through ‘Got that’ to ‘What’s new’ much faster. This in turn adds increasing demand on time and response.

For many years reports have been published indicating that customers are now more ‘market and product savvy’ than at any time over the last fifty years.

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Adapt to behaviour change?

Fresh thinking…two common words …that together sets a big expectation.

These are two simple words that can make a difference, that can shape our success, that embodies the authenticity of what we, at Big River believe and do…

Everyone has their own version of it. Everyone says they know what it is, that their company is the best at it or their team invented it. And that is great.

But there are three key behaviours that wrap themselves around those two clear words that define who we are. To us all, at Big River Solutions we know that  “Fresh thinking” depends on the three behaviours of  “trust”, “collaboration” and “transparency”.

Want to come along on that journey with us? Want us to support you? Do you want to make a difference?… then let us help you.