Rebalancing Resources

Rebalancing Resources is the future

Rebalancing Resources
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The long-term solution

The shopper doesn’t care if your brand can be found online or offline, they want to invest in authentic brands all the time. If your brand meets their criteria your brand will sell.

Tomorrow’s shoppers will invest in a personalised proposition. To meet this demand, today’s retail eco-system has to evolve into an environment where the shopper has the power, tomorrow.Tomorrow’s shoppers are buying from stores that offer a personalised entertainment, today.

This environment demands stores stock brands of value. Brands delivering volume will be found online. The maths doesn’t work otherwise. Personalisation in-store is driving Price, Product, Place and Promotion. In time shoppers will see concierge staff in the store as the core for the path to purchase decision tree.

Today, retailers are making an obvious investment in AI, Virtual Reality and advance SaaS-based solutions. The return on investment model often used is that supply chain efficiencies combined with a reduction in front-line staff will create a stronger balance sheet. With ever-thinning margins, there is a belief that the increase in shoppers buying from screens, will continue.

Whilst this might be the case short term, in the long term shoppers will see this as business as usual in-store. Like all humans, shoppers are emotional creatures of habit. Are you ready to serve your shoppers and consumers, personally?

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Where are we today

Over the last 15 years, we have worked with some incredible organisations helping shape their category and shopper proposition. In that time we have identified 3 common areas that all have in common, irrespective of project, objective, market position. Companies exhibit an ambition to move up, a hesitancy to act and a fear of failure. These are natural behaviours in this current trading environment. So we decided to inject some informed decision making into the process. We added a bit of trust and a large dose of fun. The results were that success replaced hope and ‘bring it on’ was heard across the business

But why was this necessary? Afterall we worked in one of the worlds most competitive industries that had shown the world how to shop. Was it the growth in online? Or the invasion of the discounters? Whatever ‘it’ was, ‘it’ had eroded the established retail environment.  We all saw that the shift from value to volume had become the behaviour of choice for the brand, retailer and shopper in-store. This behaviour change has seen the introduction of operational financial constraints on frontline business units and stores, squeezing the ability of teams to take a long-term view. Add to this the unknown impact Brexit will have on the UK grocery landscape post-2019 and its no wonder the food manufacturing industry remains frozen.

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The Rebalancing Resources Report

Our research confirms that over the last 10 years food manufacturing growth has resided in the red shopper marketing element. To find growth in the future,  research confirms that clients must migrate to a more strategic position to encompass the blue category development element as well as the green shopper marketing element as shown in the diagram below.

The Big River Solutions Rebalancing Resources Model

In this report, we resolve the ‘Why” and identify the ‘it’.