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Become part of the Big River Associate team

Put your experience and knowledge to work for yourself. Setup your own Shopper Marketing practice under our umbrella and get exposure to great companies and industry business leaders. We believe that a collaborative environment leads to great success and increased satisfaction. All we ask you to do is be clear on your working criteria and work-life balance.

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Join the Big River network

Join our network of top consultants and enjoy the freedom, flexibility and financial reward that comes with working independently. Share and leverage knowledge with your peers. Make new business connections and create some friendships along the way.

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Lets us find your Big River assignments

Do what you do best and let us focus on project lead generation for you. We will campaign and market your skills to business leaders and great companies.


Working for yourself is advantageous. You choose when you want to work and for whom and for what reward… or so you may think. Reality is sometimes not so easy… distractions are many and the pressures are different… That’s why we devised the Big River Huddle.

The Huddle is a network for Big River Associates to share best practice and have a bit of downtime by the water cooler and help each other develop their business.

The Huddle is only for those who want to grow faster, smarter sharper together.

Big River Solutions Huddle Network