Who is going to be the next Harry Potter?

Big River Solutions

We are all familiar with the boy wizard’s story with a special ‘wizarding’ talent who doesn’t have the best start in life. Having lost his parents to Voldemort, Harry is scarred for life when Voldemort attacks baby Harry, leaving a dark wound on Harry’s forehead.

Despite the odds and (being forced to live with a stepfamily who should have been reported to social services long ago) after many experiences at boarding school, Harry becomes a superhero in the wizarding world.

So what’s this got to do with category management and shopper marketing? Like Harry Potter, Category Management has been living under the stairs for far too long. Like Dobbie (Harry Potters super-powered companion), Category Development has had to share this dark, cramped space with Harry, Dobbie and Harry’s owl, Hedwig. Luckily for Hedwig, Harry occasionally sends the owl out on a special messaging mission. Thankfully and very occasionally in the real world, Category Vision is sometimes allowed out from under the stairs to stretch its legs too.

So you see, the question the Big River Solutions team now ask brands is:

“When are you going to allow your superhero’s out from under the stairs?”

Are you going to allow Fawkes the Phoenix (that is Category growth) to save the day against the fear of Voldemort?

Shoppers are always looking for a deal, and like Harry’s friends Hermione and Ron, shopper marketing and shopper insights are great companions to have alongside you.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, we see Harry rally his fellow students to rise against Voldemort.

I am sure the analogy is not lost on you, so when will our three category heroes be allowed out to play?