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Empowerment has become a cliche

Big River SolutionsEmpowerment has become a cliche and has fallen out of favour to be replaced by hesitation and fear of failure. 

This has lead to a culture we like to call unmaking. Its that time in the corporate space continuum where nothing changes despite the rate of decisions made, increasing.

The net result is that business stops moving forward. Businesses that simply don’t promote a decision making culture forgets how to make informed decisions but become world-class at making transactional decisions that confirm what is already known. Business today have lost the art of creating and following a mesh decision matrix.

So where does a decision matrix come from? Companies with a strong corporate strategy, rich in versatility with an understanding and capability make that transition. Look at those companies that we recognise and ‘game-changers” They have become known as the “disruptors” Each keyword is a cliche not because they are overused but primarily because they explain a behaviour state frustrates those who do not have “it” So can a business encourage it. Of course, there is business who do it every day and it is making decisions that move the business forward hourly. What business decisions have you made in the last hour the propels the business forward?

A business that encourages behaviour equality, team ethos and common goals will increase the chances of success. As the number of decisions increases. But those organisations that allow teams and individuals to fail will benefit even more in the long term. Positive failure is key. Those organisations that harness a culture of positive failure within pre-determined guidelines, win, Sio what is the decision matrix your team are operating within?

A bold decision matrix revolves around a set of corporate values that allows an analyst to systematically identify and understand the rate of performance of relationships between a set of values and information. Elements of the decision matrix show decisions based on precise decision criteria. – a precise of Wiki

Above all a world-class corporate strategy has to be customer-centric. Once this is in place and embedded, working with a decision matrix becomes a habit.