Talent and Organisation Health Check

Talent and Organisation Health Check

Talent and Organisation Health Check

Why should I do this?

  • It is quick and easy
  • Only takes 3 minutes
  • Helps pinpoint areas to work on
  • Provides a check list to review performance
  • Gives clarity on what to do next.

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We have an effective and efficient talent planning process

We have recruitment, talent development, and retention strategies in place

Within our commercial function, we have a clear set of competencies for each team

For our commercial function, our competencies are supported by capability enhancing tools/training

Our people are aligned to a common view, understand the objectives for our business, their team and their role within that team

If asked, our people would be able to clearly communicate our business strategy

We have coaching and mentoring options in place to support our people, as required

We consistently talk to our people about their career path and the options open to them for development

We have a clearly identified set of company values

We have a commercial team mission, vision, and goal