Category Development Health Check

Category Development Health Check

Category Development Health Check

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  • It is quick and easy
  • Only takes 3 minutes
  • Helps pinpoint areas to work on
  • Provides a check list to review performance
  • Gives clarity on what to do next.

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We have a Category Vision that informs and directs our activities

We have an effective and efficient Category Development Process

We have a Point of Purchase Vision by channel, that is translated into specific actions

We have high levels of Category insights and a way that we turn these insights into actions

We understand what influences shoppers at point of purchase, the category’s triggers and barriers

We understand what is important for customers and their shoppers, and tailor our plans accordingly

We create engaging Category propositions that are used by our sales team and us to on-board customers

We consistently create impactful propositions that motivate our customers and encourage them to collaborate with us

We have a clear set of Category Development capabilities

Our Category Development Capabilities are high