What makes world-class shopper marketing?

World-class shopper marketing

Shopper Marketing
Shopper Marketing

Developing World Class Shopper Marketing capability is a core component of business growth.

It contributes to driving profitable growth by identifying key shoppers, their behaviours and clearly targeting a change in those behaviours.

Recently we have seen a loss of focus on strategic shopper marketing as changes in the marketplace have led to a more short-term view being prevalent. This has been driven by:

  • new entrants to the market
  • stronger customers competing with each other to win shoppers
  • suppliers working in silos not connecting consumer, shopper & customer
  • diminishing returns from traditional consumer marketing.
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Shopper marketing needs to become more central to an organisations plans, with shoppers being considered at an earlier and higher level, rather than as the final element. A more integrated, focused approach, clearly targeting behaviour change, is beneficial for all teams, ensuring optimum execution and return.

  1. A clear set of capabilities are needed in order to identify ways of working and outputs.
  2. A market assessment is undertaken to understand:
    1. where the organisation is today in terms of approach to shopper marketing
    2. how this compares with World Class suppliers
  3. The assessment allows a set of recommended actions to be created with varying time horizons – do now, do soon, do in the future.

Undertaking this allows an organisation to develop their capabilities and hence to optimise return.

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Our experience in this area allows us to create the right level of capabilities as all organisations do not aspire or have the resources to be world class, we can help you be the best you can be.