Big River Solutions Subscription Model

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Subscription Service

Accessing support under an ongoing contract

The Big River Solutions subscriptions allow clients who require ongoing support to access Big River Solutions experience and expertise. Projects are defined as required and resource aligned to give optimal output and maximum effect.

Often we are approached by clients to remodel, improve or redefine processes and practices, and to create and deliver operational output. However, the success of any project is heavily influenced by the on-boarding process and the embedding of outputs within the client organisation. This a key priority and a known strength for Big River Solutions.

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How this works

The subscription comes as a 12-month contract with 12 equal, monthly payments, giving you access to ongoing support. You can opt to cancel after the initial 12 payments and may use your credits for up to 3 months after the contract end date. Within the contract period, you will be able to roll over 25% of the contracted day/month to the following month. Also you will be able to pull forward 25% of the contracted days per month.

Step 1: Situational analysis

Each subscription contract requires an initial project investigation which is chargeable.

Step 2

The subscription service begins. 12 monthly payments delivering the service contracted for.

Note: Hardware and 3rd party solutions are exempt from this contract.

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Client Experience (Cx)

Introducing the BRS5N1, a SaaS Cx engineered enterprise platform developed to deliver category management and shopper marketing resources online. The BRS5N1 is a peer to peer eco-system enabling project teams to access pre-authorised Big River Solutions output. The BRS5N1 is designed to increase access and hence expedited team decision making whilst empowering the team to be more autonomous. Finally, scrutiny and control are provided for operational leadership to ensure financial performance is maintained.

Big River Solutions Subscription Model