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January 6, 2018

Delivering great Category Management

A pivotal area of business processes and practices is the Category Management Team.

We’ve already written an item on good range reviews and choice overload, and how optimising range is a key skill, and we suggested the steps to take to deliver a great range review.

Growing the pie, not growing share, doing the right thing and doing it well, preferably within the context of a forward-looking category vision, is what category management is about.

At this point, we should also talk about the need to have an omni-channel view. It is not enough to only deliver category management in bricks and mortar stores.

So what is needed for great Category Management?

  • Category Vision detailing category strategies (driven by consumer and shopper insights) and category tactics by channel
  • Point of Purchase Vision which identifies optimum layout, segment adjacencies and core range
  • Clear category segmentation validate by both shoppers and consumers
  • Actionable insights driven by shopper research to eg give clarity on the triggers and barriers to purchase
  • Growth (or decline) forecasts by segment, to allow you to align space to future sales
  • Range review capability, which can be in its simplest form spreadsheet-based or facilitated by software
  • Market data to understand category performance
  • Market data to understand customer performance
  • Customer strategies so a customer-centric solution can be created in-line with their direction of travel
  • Supporting processes and practices to deliver great cat man.

A good category manager has a very broad role in strategic category strategy creation to the more tactical range and space function. Numerate, compelling and impartial are but 3 words to describe her (or him).

How Big River Solutions can help

Big River Solutions has extensive expertise delivering category management projects. We also have extensive experience creating the supporting processes and practices for category management. Our approach is pragmatic and practical, taking a holistic view of the needs of the organisation, the resources available and the desired future state of the organisation. Through our Academy, we can support your team delivering tailored training solutions or open workshops.

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