Deliver today or tomorrow? A Category Visions Role

In recent years we have seen a shift by CPGs to deliver today, without a strategic view of tomorrow. Resources have been redistributed to support this, with less priority being given to driving category growth.

In the last few months, this seems to be changing with more conversations being had with CPGs around building competencies, capabilities and creating strategic growth platforms. One element that supports this change would be to develop a category vision.

What is it? A category vision describes how the category will change in value & volume in the future based on changing/growing consumption and purchase habits (if we can unlock the opportunities offered). It creates a “Strategic Agenda for Growth”. It should identify what needs to be done to capture the value potential over a 3-year period by key customer or channel and how a CPG’s portfolio can be used to unlock the headroom for growth. It should detail the strategies and tactics to deliver the opportunities and ensures that the shopper, retailer and supplier are aligned to maximise category growth and sales opportunities. It is underpinned by consumer and shopper research which delivers valuable insight for customer and CPG. The category vision has to inspire whilst being realistic. The objective is to encourage shoppers to buy more, increase their purchase frequency, or get more shoppers to buy the category. A category vision has to deliver for today as well as be relevant for tomorrow. With a 3 – 5 years window, the plan must capture a comprehensive range of behaviours to remain pertinent for the 3 – 5-year duration.

The existence of a vision underlines a CPG’s role as thought leaders both internally and with customers and gives the CPG “Permission to Play”. It sets the foundation for how you activate growth ideas in customers with shoppers.

Big River Solutions set out to create a clear understanding of the category and then combine our initial findings with a strong analysis of trends to understand the role the category can have in the future.

It won’t surprise that creating, activating and delivering a category vision should be a collaborative process between CPG customers and CPG manufacturers. But, from a CPG perspective, you should do your homework BEFORE engaging with your customers.

With over 20 years of experience in category vision development, Big River Solutions is idealised to steer all parties through the process. We aim to simplify and drive a complex process through to delivery. We create a vision to challenge what’s been done before. It helps us define a strategic agenda for growth internally and externally with your customers by identifying:

  • Where to Play
  • How to Win
  • What to do.

How Big River Solutions can help

We can develop a Category Vision with you engaging the whole team in the process via co-creation workshops, including developing strategies and tactics to deliver the vision at POP/POC.

If you would like to find out your current position, why not take our survey. Following completion, we will summarise the Big River Solutions approach to developing and delivering a category vision.

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