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Brands are evolving

Big River SolutionsWith the exam season upon us in the UK and summer just around the corner, we focus on what is influencing outcomes in-store.

Two initiatives that we have seen recently are Waitrose copying the Whole Foods playbook of dispensing products that are packaging free and Edgewell entering the DTC market with the acquisition of Harry’s. The challenge is for CPG brands to connect with consumers in this evolving market place? One thing is certain, to stand still in this market is not the right answer.

Unilever acquiring Graze and Coca-Cola finding time for a coffee and buying Costa is an example of global brands acquiring local and specialised brands to enrich their portfolio.

Last week Mars Wrigley appointed a new category leadership team confirming that category is ‘alive and kicking’ and ready to be front and centre again. Sometimes going back to tried and tested plans, tactics and tools is the right thing to do. Sometimes catching the shoppers attention doesn’t need a revolution.  However consistent growth centres around the ability of the brand proposition to offer the shopper/consumer something that is relevant and tangible.

As consumers needs evolve, can the existing brand relationship adapt? Do brands need to commit to the consumer or shopper or retailer or all three simultaneously? What do brands need to do in order to survive and/or grow?

How can CPG companies access important technological breakthroughs which are more in tune with their market? How can teams understand the existing markets and new channels? How will the brand inform the consumer today of its attributes, tomorrow?  How will companies access emerging management talent?

Change is complex and always more challenging than expected. Organisations that are prepared to adapt and constantly evolve in order to deliver for customers, consumers and shoppers win. An organisation which has a strategy at boardroom level which delivers optimal organisation design, invests in its people and has relevant tools and technology available, will succeed. Return on investment should be measured by percentage growth, an increase in market share or profit. Only delivering brand noise is not a long term solution.

Welcome to summer 2019.