COVID-19: How to create a consistent brand experience

It was only a year ago that Omni-Channel was the noun of choice to describe an all channel proposition.

It was a way to demonstrate that online was considered. Today online is fully integrated into a retail strategy taken by sales and marketing to provide consumers with a homogenous shopping experience. The principle is to connect the different user experiences from brick and mortar to mobile browsing and more.

In this COVID-19 era, shopping online is the only channel of choice for both shopper and consumers and naturally, where to shop is not a choice. In shaping commercial excellence for tomorrow, we believe that a more homogenous channel map will emerge where option in the store is limited instore experiences become an integral part of the shopping environment.

Post COVID-19 how customers and suppliers integrate the behaviours of the category, shopper, consumer and brand will determine success along the path to purchase. Those who focus on winning at the point of purchase will reduce the number of abandonments at the buy point, where ever that is.

The key deliverable in creating an uplift in sales will be winning consumer choice at the point of purchase. Brands who win the decision at the end of purchase win investment for the future. Why? In this process, the shopper needs are met by the customer. The customer buys into the approach, and the shopper meets the consumer’s desires. This virtual circle is the investment reward.

The key determinant in producing a collaborative outcome for all will be to accelerate the consumer’s decision, optimise the shopper’s selection for the desired brand and supporting the supplier’s intention to include the brand on the shelf.

As the consumer market evolves and as the points of contact/interruption increases for shoppers, customers, consumers and brands should ensure that they have a consistent approach for all channels.

This approach will create a consistent brand experience for the consumer.

Big River Solutions can help you define and design your approach to channel execution and improved capabilities to maximise returns from activities.

Working this category approach is part of our commercial excellence program where we can help clients define their strategy, create plans, implement and embed new processes and practices.

By defining your omnichannel strategy, we can help you identify and develop a plan that aligns your online and physical presence.

The approach the brand takes to the digital shelf will determine the success or failure of the executions plans. By ensuring consistency with the overall commercial excellence strategy in-store and online, capabilities can be created to deliver a road map. With this road map, you can take the brand from good to great.

How does the commercial excellence program address shopper marketing in tomorrows world?

A clearly defined strategy that develops and supports shopper marketing strategy and tactics will confirm the brand’s position in the eye of the consumer and shopper.

When combined with an activation strategy and process,  the brand establishes a recognised position in the consumer’s decision tree.

Commercial excellence is a process that wraps itself around and through the core assets of any FMCG business. Promoting brands strategically and tactically through multiple channels is at the heart of all that we do. We first articulated this approach in 2017 in Rebalancing Resources

Despite COVID-19, many of these strategies and tactics apply today. To find out more, why not get in touch or request a copy of our Rebalancing Resources 2020.