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October 3, 2017

Click and collect: The underdogs friend?

We Brits love supporting the underdog… but we love competition as well so is click and collect the answer?

This morning I am being driven to our offices in Marlow, which gives me a great opportunity to catch up on my LinkedIn posts. One post by Stewart Samuel stands out about click and collect.

Now I’m not afraid to admit I’m starting to root for Walmart. To me, they are one of today’s underdogs.

Amazon used to be my favourite underdog but now I think they might be getting a little too big. ( too early to say that?). But I am glad to see the Walmart fight back including the click and collect catalogue showroom. This is not a new concept. This idea has been around in the UK since the ‘70’s’.

In the UK we simply call it…Argos.

Argos was and remains a very successful nationwide retailer. The proposition has no complexity.

Until recently the shopper walked to a table in the store where a catalogue was chained to a desk. ( those catalogues were very desirable!)

The shopper flicked through the catalogue wrote down the code of the product they wanted on the slip provided. (even the pencil was provided by Argos)

The slip was presented to the shop assistant who handed it to a runner who went to the warehouse, found the item and gave the product to the shop assistant. The shopper was given the item once payment had been made.

Argos remains a hugely successful, profitable and popular retailer.

Argos has been bought by Sainsbury’s (one of the UK’s leading grocery stores) to lead their charge on click and collect. (which was developed by the French)

The Sainsbury’s / Argos integration is working well. So well in fact that Amazon and now Walmart have copied it. So that got me thinking … which brands went on the slide and became the underdog that we all wanted to succeed again.

Back in the day, I wanted Google to win over Microsoft. Now it’s Microsoft over Google.

In my head, no one has successfully competed with Apple on devices, although I think that is about to change.

When Tesco’s got into difficulty I wanted them to come back twice as hard. When Tesco’s were strong I wanted Sainsbury’s to win.

I am delighted to see the Morissons fight back is beginning to show a success. Who knows what Walmart will do with ASDA, but they are due to a bounce anytime soon.

What brands are on your list?


David Edwards: Engagement Director

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