Retail Sales Training

Does anyone remember the photocopier?

I had just graduated having spent 3 great years in Newcastle. I had landed my ideal job with Rank Xerox, (the UK arm of Xerox). Xerox was the company that invented the copier, the mouse and the desktop publishing software that made Apple.  But the big bucks came from selling copiers. It was hard work, […]

Changing shopper behaviour to drive category growth

  Hello, thanks for hitting on the link. In this section, I want to explore some of the services that we developed over the last 15 years that creates a changing shopper behaviour With a history in category management and shopper marketing and by working for large global FMCG organisations, we have seen at first […]

2019 is the year for what exactly?

An opportunity to gaze in wonderment at the motivational quotes that are posted on LinkedIn in January (has everyone morphed into Anthony Robbins over Christmas?) or is this the year that we do what we did last year because that was pretty successful? Whatever your ambitions are for 2019 “Good luck”. If you’re operating in […]