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Store safari – November 2019

Each month we go on safari looking for the great and good, odd and worst, in-store promotions. This month we have created a small video. Take a look. We hope you find it stimulating.

Peer to peer fun learning – How Google found Fitbit

Peer to peer fun learning. How Fitbit was the catalyst that developed all these consumer markets and with it a tone of data Google wanted. If you make learning fun, the lessons stick.  At least that’s the principle of fun theory. Google ‘fun theory’ and you’ll find Volkswagen top of the list. Why? Because they […]

Introducing the BRS 5N1

Introducing the BRS5N1, a SaaS Cx engineered enterprise platform developed to deliver category management and shopper marketing resources online. The BRS5N1 is a peer to peer eco-system enabling project teams to access pre-authorised Big River Solutions output. The BRS5N1 is designed to increase access and hence expedited team decision making whilst empowering the team to […]

There is an emerging behaviour known as WTF.

There is an emerging behaviour with CPG clients known as WTF. This starts with OMG, having left LOL a long time ago. We often get a call after WTF when the client asks us to help them to fix the work that hasn’t delivered what they expected. Smart companies know that buyers remorse is a […]