Category Management

Learning to fish

In March this year Forbes published an article by Robert C Walcott (Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management) which explored the trials and tribulations experience by Kraft Heinz under the leadership of 3G. In the article Walcott confirmed what many in the industry had long suspected that by focusing […]

Making Activation pay its way

Many clients find that activating the brand strategy at the shelf can be complex and that they often miss the target. Above all, it is high maintenance and can be a frustrating exercise.  The second potential issue is the failure to connect the category plan to shopper activation in-store. Therefore in this short piece, I […]

Ahh the Troodos Mountains

It’s holiday time again. I’ve packed my bags and I am off to Cyprus. I am looking forward to big fat oranges, lovely mountain views and a language that is incomprehensible to me. But I want to get away from it all, and that means heading in the Troodos Mountains where I can walk the […]

It’s All ‘Go’

So there I was driving along Tottenham High Street with Zoe alongside me. It was 1986, I had just graduated and started my first job working for Cadbury. I rep’ed for them for c3 years working in north London (covering most of that area as a relief rep), then getting my own territory after 18 […]