Blended capability and competence development solutions...

...that are rapidly transferable into the workplace

Big River Solutions

An organisations competitiveness is underpinned by its capability...

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To identify and exploit opportunities for growth

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To identify and define the capabilities required to be successful

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To raise their competence levels above that of their competitors

Developing capability and competence is increasingly important

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The business environment is increasingly complex, dynamic and challenging...

  • Rapidly evolving consumer needs and expectations
  • Transformative shopper access to goods and services
  • Dynamic and shifting retail landscape
  • Acceleration and fragmentation of media options
  • Emergence of highly focused micro competitors with global reach
  • Stricter social and environmental parameters for business activity
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..which places enormous pressure on the organisations ability to compete effectively...

  • Strategies are required to be more agile and dynamic
  • Rapidly changing scope of critical capabilities required for success
  • Increasingly competent competitors emerging around the world
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...and highlights critical challenges in capability and competence development

  • What capabilities do we need to accelerate our business performance?
  • Are we competent enough to be competitive?
  • Can we develop our competencies to the right level fast enough?
  • Will our good people stay with us?
  • Are we preparing our people for the challenges of the future?

No business can afford to allow their commercial capabilities to fall behind those of their competitors

The Big River Solutions Academy will develop your competence in critical commercial capabilities to help you...

Accelerate business performance

Build a sustainable source of competitive advantage

Rapidly raise the standard of essential skills in the workplace

Improve employee retention and engagement

Manage your workforce development and succession more efficiently

Big River Solutions Academy offers a comprehensive solution for commercial capability development

Big River Solutions


Develop understanding of the important context, key issues and challenges facing the business

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Identify the underlying barriers and triggers for commercial success

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Develop clear picture of success and the strategic and operational plans to achieve it

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Efficiently translate plans into more effective innovations and activities

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Engage more persuasively and productively with your target consumers, shoppers and customers

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More efficient and effective management of operational requirements

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Develop clarity on team and individual purpose and contribution within the organisation



Develop efficient processes and ways of working for key deliverables that coordinate team and individual contributions

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Transform ”Silo” commercial organisations into efficient and effective cross functional teams

Big River Solutions


Match people to the current and future needs of the business

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Develop the levels of individual and team competence to meet current and future competitive requirements

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Provide the information, tools and support for people to excel

Delivered through a flexible and modular programme of activity

Developing the Capability Roadmap

  • Aligning capability framework to strategy
  • Identifying the enabling competencies
  • Integrating all commercial roles into a one team approach

Measuring Capability Gaps

  • Measuring competence in critical capabilities
  • Prioritising and selecting competence gaps
  • Developing the plan to close competence gaps

Raising Competence

  • Designing the right intervention
  • Developing materials to support the intervention
  • Delivering the intervention to achieve targeted outcomes

Delivered across the entire commercial team to create seamless and supportive ways of working

Covers the full suite of critical commercial capabilities

Identifies levels of competence in each of those commercial capabilities

Identifies the competitive standard required for success

Delivers pragmatic learning solutions that are rapidly transferable into the workplace

  • Identifies the critical capabilities required to deliver the commercial strategy in category, brand, consumer, shopper and customer marketing
  • Clarifies the purpose and role of teams and individuals
  • Assessment against best practice, competitive position and strategic expectations
  • Identifies market relevant strengths and weaknesses across whole commercial team
  • Creates a practical roadmap to guide and track future development
  • Moves the organisation forward as one team
  • Learn by doing – utilise real world scenarios and actual business problems
  • Face to face learning modules either in person or virtual
  • Delivered by experienced commercial practitioners

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