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These are some of the ways we can help...


An organisation’s commercial performance is accelerated when…

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An organisation’s commercial performance is accelerated when…

It identifies, quantifies, and assesses the total market opportunity and potential threats for the consumer-defined categories in which it competes and sets the context for its brands to compete more successfully and sustainably.

It drives sustainable growth and equity of the company’s brands across all categories in which they compete by exploiting relevant category growth opportunities whilst building sustainable and relevant propositions for target consumers, shoppers and retailers

It ensures the company’s brands are consumers’ first choice at every relevant moment of consumption

It ensures the company’s brands are shoppers’ first choice whenever they make the decision to buy from the Category and to ensure that decision is acted upon when they make the purchase

It secures sufficient and preferential support for the company’s brands within its Customers’ sphere of operation and influence

...but businesses are increasingly challenged...

The external business environment is increasingly complex, dynamic and challenging…

  • Rapidly evolving consumer needs and expectations
  • Transformative shopper access to goods and services
  • Dynamic and shifting retail landscape
  • Acceleration and fragmentation of media options
  • Emergence of highly focused micro competitors with global reach
  • Stricter social and environmental parameters for business activity
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…which presents several key commercial challenges for competing organisations…

  • Growing the market and growing faster than the Market
  • Building brand equity and value in all categories where it competes
  • Delivering a valued consumer experience, consistently
  • Influencing and servicing the shopper wherever and whenever they wish to buy
  • Achieving and coordinating the required levels of customer support across all channels
  • Operating in a more digital, global and instantaneous market
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…and places pressure on an organisation’s ability to find and exploit sources of growth with true potential...

  • Where should we compete?
  • How should we compete?
  • Can we compete?
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…whilst dealing with critical internal capability challenges

  • What do we need to know?
  • Do we really understand what is happening and why?
  • Where is the potential and how do we access it?
  • Do our plans lead to effective innovation and activity?
  • How should we engage with our target market?
  • How do we respond to, and manage operational issues?
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Big River Consutants will help you achieve your commercial ambition by winning in 4 critical moments of truth…

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We use multiple skill sets to provide flexible ways of working …

Three Rings

…guided by a logical, modular framework of commercial activity…

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…by identifying and exploiting two key sources of growth…

Latent and Opportunities

We develop collaborative environments to co-create harmonised outcomes …


…tailored to your commercial capabilities…

LMF deliver integrated, cross functional solutions that accelerate business performance

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