Creating compelling stories


Research tells us that people are 22 times more likely to remember something if it is wrapped in a story than if it is just given as a fact due to the psychological and physical way we react to stories. Incorporating storytelling skills into our business communication has the potential to increase engagement and influence.


This one-day workshop is specifically designed to improve storytelling skills. It has been created to teach the basics. Delegates gain an understanding of why storytelling is important, the benefits of using this approach and how to create a story that delivers a commercial message.

Key deliverables

  • An understanding of how to develop a story and why this approach can deliver a better return.

The course will cover

  • Why a storytelling approach can help improve the outcome
  • The constituent parts of a story
  • How to develop a story.

Location: available nationally

Cost: £800 per delegate excl VAT


3rd March 2020

23rd September

All prices exclude VAT.

Prices quoted are per delegate inc lunch, refreshments and course materials.

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Big River Solutions’ workshops are designed with recognition that individual delegates respond to different learning styles. We always seek to optimise learning by utilising plenary output that allows delegates to practice new skills:

  • as soon as possible
  • on real-life scenarios
  • where the language and landscape reflect the reality that the delegates return to.

We constantly update our materials to reflect best practice and include case studies that are both recent and relevant. Delegates will return to work with resources that can be used immediately to improve their effectiveness in their role and department.

Our Big River Academy team is able to demonstrate effective and immediate impact for clients using our training programmes. This has been built through many years of experience designing face-to-face learning events. We are recognised for offering mentoring and one-to-one training that delivers tangible and rapidly demonstrable benefits. We also have a reputation for being leading-edge for new learning techniques as they become available. We consider ourselves expert at incorporating e-learning where it supports workshops or for remote learning.