For any person who is new to negotiating


Negotiation is an essential skill in business and personal life – many interactions between people require a degree of give and take to come to a mutually acceptable and beneficial outcome for both parties – this course will help you develop the basic skills to achieve such outcomes for yourself and your business

This course is designed to build an understanding of what negotiation is, how to prepare for it and how to conduct a successful negotiation using our Negotiating Framework in both face to face and “virtual” settings. Short theory sessions are complemented by exercises to develop skills through application, practice and peer review.

The course can be delivered in a “classroom” situation or by interactive video training sessions.


The course is suitable for any person who is new to negotiating and wishes to develop their understanding and skills in the subject.

Key deliverables

At the conclusion of the course, delegates will be better prepared to:

  • Understand the difference between “Selling” and “Negotiating”
  • Understand and apply the “Negotiating Framework” to real life situations
  • Prepare more effectively for negotiations
  • Conduct more successful negotiations
  • Have a greater awareness of their personal strengths and weaknesses in negotiations.

The course will cover:

  • Selling vs Negotiating
  • The Negotiating Framework
  • Preparing for negotiations
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Case Study Role Plays
  • Personal Development Planning.

Location:  available nationally

Cost: £800 per delegate excl VAT

Dates: 25th June 2020

19th November

All prices exclude VAT.

Prices quoted are per delegate inc lunch, refreshments and course materials.

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Big River Solutions’ workshops are designed with recognition that individual delegates respond to different learning styles. We always seek to optimise learning by utilising plenary output that allows delegates to practice new skills:

  • as soon as possible
  • on real-life scenarios
  • where the language and landscape reflect the reality that the delegates return to.

We constantly update our materials to reflect best practice and include case studies that are both recent and relevant. Delegates will return to work with resources that can be used immediately to improve their effectiveness in their role and department.