To develop creative influencing


Moment of truth’ opportunities are fewer and shorter. In a competitive market you either win or lose, so you need an efficient approach to getting what you want more of the time.

You are trying influence pretty outcomes most of the time, so why not get good at it?

This 2 day course is designed to provide the delegate with a clear and simple process to follow, combined with hints and tips to enhance your persuasive capability.


Suitable for anyone in a Commercial role who wants to increase both their business and personal success rate with their audience.

Key deliverables

  • An understanding of what ‘influence’ is, it’s importance in everyone’s life and what both the art and science of it is
  • An identified understanding of each person’s influence capability, both before and after the training
  • A defined 6 stage process that can be easily followed and integrated into your daily working life
  • An understanding of the 7 principles of human social influence, plus their practical application
  • 4 active learning tools that support the program and can be used to help integrate the learning into your own personal situation
  • Program embedding clinics to ensure the learning is being understood and integrated effectively into each person’s working life.

The course will cover the 6 C’s of the Cognitive Influence System:

  • Capability
  • Credibility
  • Connect-ability
  • Creativity
  • Convince
  • Conclude.

Location:  available nationally

Cost: £1400 per delegate excl VAT

Dates: 3rd / 4th November 2020

All prices exclude VAT.

Prices quoted are per delegate inc lunch, refreshments and course materials.

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Big River Solutions’ workshops are designed with recognition that individual delegates respond to different learning styles. We always seek to optimise learning by utilising plenary output that allows delegates to practice new skills:

  • as soon as possible
  • on real-life scenarios
  • where the language and landscape reflect the reality that the delegates return to.

We constantly update our materials to reflect best practice and include case studies that are both recent and relevant. Delegates will return to work with resources that can be used immediately to improve their effectiveness in their role and department.