Understanding cause and effect

Analysis Skills

This course is designed to provide a step by step process for efficient and effective analysis of data and market research.  The course has been developed and used over several years to enable individuals and teams to optimally utilise the broad data resources that manufacturers and retailers invest in and to improve return from this investment.

With so much data available today (continuous and ad hoc), it is easy to find yourself in analysis paralysis – drowning in a sea of data and never really getting to the true drivers of performance.  This can be avoided by following some simple principles and processes that highlight the causes of performance and highlight opportunities for growth.


Suitable for insight professionals, category managers, shopper marketers, sales and marketing teams or any individual that uses data to explain performance and create strategic opportunities.

Key deliverables

  • An understanding of data available, pros and cons of key data types and the pitfalls to be aware of
  • Transferable principles and processes for individuals and teams to follow when using data and research
  • Tools and templates for any user of data to incorporate in to their day to day working lives
  • Practical exercises and breakouts to incorporate the approaches in a learning environment
  • Simple and engaging templates for communicating findings and actions.

The course will cover

  • A set of principles to enable users to efficiently obtain the right answers from their information. This course is not about how to use software and access data
  • Tips on how to frame questions in a way that facilitate the analyses and generate hypotheses to explore
  • The need to employ broad thinking and look beyond the obvious market dynamics
  • A clear overview of how measures and facts are connected and how to think in terms of cause and effect
  • Using tools and templates to ensure complex analyses are conveyed in a simple story that enables understanding through your organisation and facilitates actions for growth.

Location: available nationally

Cost: £800 per delegate


14th May 2020

5th November

All prices exclude VAT.

Prices quoted are per delegate inc lunch, refreshments and course materials.

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