Delivering solutions unique to your business

Project Management

Like a conductor in an orchestra, our project managers co-ordinate the project team, ensuring that the project is delivered on time, in full. Our project leader manages actions and workshops to deliver optimum project output. We favour SCRUM as a flexible and efficient methodology to initiate, plan, execute, control and close work streams to a successful outcome, efficiently.


We design and deliver a tailored solution that is unique to your business. We help clients to explore new platforms and solutions to connect the consumer, shopper and customer. We are ideally placed to help you realise your ambition and support your commercial goals.


We are your agile partner, helping you realise your commercial goals as we respond to your changes quickly and efficiently. We deliver the right results by designing an optimum process that suits your business needs. We deploy the right team for maximum project output.


Our priority is to embed project output. We seek to optimise return by involving all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the project. We ensure that our output complements and supports existing processes and practices where appropriate. Our goal is to integrate the output of the project with existing business practices.

Big River Solutions Process