How did I nearly miss the opportunity?

I wanted to talk about opportunity, so thought I’d start with a pithy quote about it, only to find that there are thousands. Here are just a few: Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Opportunities are never lost: someone will take the ones you miss. Seize […]

Only a few knew where Wuhan City, China was on December 28th, 2019.

On December 31st the World Health organisation was informed that a ‘cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown cause’ had been detected in Wuhan City. By January 20th cases had been reported in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. The first confirmed case was reported in the UK on January 22nd from a UK citizen returning from […]

You should be an octopus, it’d be good for you

Because you might just adapt and survive these trying times. Octopi, like other cephalopods, edit their genetic instructions 60x faster than we do! So, their ability to adapt to their changing environment allows them to hunt, feed and survive despite the challenges they’re faced with. Does this make them intelligent? Well, up to two-thirds of […]

Are you ready for the next economy?

With our cities beginning to morph into polo’s what can be done with them? Today Mark Dixon Founder and Chairman of Regus, confirmed that local towns and local High Streets will be the primary beneficiary in the current trend for white-collar immigration to the countryside. Housing demand in the countryside has increased since the lockdown. Is city […]

Category Marketing and the Holy Trinity

Changes in consumer, shopper and customer behaviours, channel landscape changes and data availability have created new challenges for brand managers. Many retailers now have access to better data than suppliers (though whether they have the resources to distil insights is debatable) and better knowledge of what, how and why shoppers buy. This gives retailers an […]

Support Consumer Choice through Positive Consumer Behaviour Change

Mondays are generally internal meetings and follow up calls as we get the working week underway. Towards the end of today’s meeting, we discussed the impact of new legislation and business performance on the consumer. Checking the morning Twitter feed before our team meeting, I read that Debenhams had called in the receivers for the […]