Putting your on-line shopper first

In today’s world, online shoppers are time poor and information rich. From New York to Moscow, Beijing to Sydney, Johannesburg to Tokyo,  the shopper is struggling to prioritise. We are told that globally we have never had it so good, that the global population has never been so well off, but in this recession household […]


Has sustainability finally come of age? What is it exactly? In this article, we look at what the UK Government and the EU have in mind. We look at some of the steps Britain’s top grocery firms are initiating and we assess what impact this will have on the shopping basket and the way we […]

Is shopper marketing strategy working?

Can a worldwide shopper marketing strategy change anything? Is shopper marketing working? With consumer good manufacturers and suppliers demanding more return from the investment, supermarkets are searching for reasons to deselect products to satisfy a declining consumer demand. How effective is your shopper marketing strategy? Products that are perceived to be outdated, expensive, trivial or […]