Rebalancing Resources 2020 – COVID 19 What next

Each year we ask experienced practitioners to comment on the state of Category Management and Shopper Marketing in their businesses. This year we have expanded that discussion to include their perspectives on how well the critical Commercial Tasks are performed, and how well developed the supporting Commercial Capabilities are. (Interviews were conducted in 2019. The […]

After COVID -19 where will your brand be?

Long term planning only has a nine-month outlook today.  Global uncertainty is now driving the consumer to drive for survival with cash retention top of their list. The same applies to a business unless that business is in food manufacturing or grocery retailing. The last four weeks have been exceptional, but with all disposable spending […]

Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Productive

Week three of working of the lockdown. We have set up a working space, improved our negotiating skills with the children and cleaned everything five times over. We have even caught up on all the tasks we leave until the last minute. We have become black belts in Zoom, Webex, Teams, Skype, Hangouts and Broadband. […]

That is what our employers expect us to do

It has been just over a week since we were asked to go home and work. But how many were working from home already? According to the Office of National Statistics, 4.2 million people already worked form home as society was already adapting to remote working. The reason for work style change was down to […]

Delivering Great Category Development

The Category Development Team A pivotal area of a business is the Category Development Team. Growing the pie, not growing share, doing the right thing and doing it well, preferably within the context of a forward-looking category vision, is what category development is about. At this point, we should also talk about the need to […]

15 Benefits of External Facilitation

Currently, we are helping many clients with their projects by delivering great outcomes through workshop facilitation. “External facilitators are unnecessary. We have people who can do that.” Thankfully this view isn’t expressed often but when it is, how do you respond? Here are our top 15 reasons to use external facilitators. The list isn’t extensive […]