Heads Up #3: HFSS: Answering the Why

In this article, we explore the impact new High Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) legislation will have on food categories in the next 12 months. First, let’s start with a list of categories that will be affected by high-fat sugar and salt legislation. Prepacked food and drink in the following categories will be in the […]

Heads Up #2: DRS and HFSS

Many may think that 2021 will be the year of Brexit and Covid-19. But that would be misleading. This year, a hefty amount of legislation needs to be included in any commercial strategy to stand still. The UK government is using legislation to solve social and environmental habits and improve everyone’s health. After years of […]

How are consumers making purchase decisions?

In 2020 one thing came through very clearly and that was the need to refocus on Revenue Growth Management to optimise brand performance and hence drive business growth.  Revenue growth management has always been an intrinsic part of good brand management. Optimising portfolio, pricing and promotions is a basic function of a business that wants to drive […]

The Magic Numbers

(First published in September 19th 2020) Numbers 13, 666, 2020 were walking down the street. Everyone around them was running for cover. 13 turned to 666 and said “They’re all running away from you 666 because you scare them”. 666 replies “No 13, you’re the unluckiest number. They’re running away from you”. To their left, […]

Move over Maslow there’s a new kid in town

We explore the fundamentals of what brands must get right to be successful and why Maslow may not be the only go-to for building the consumer understanding they need. There’s a lot of talk about how to build a great brand proposition in the 21st century, like having a purpose, a great story, great advertising […]