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Category Marketing For Growth

  What is Category Marketing? Category Marketing is a strategic capability developed for supplier companies to set a strategic commercial context. Brands are given clear direction to engage consumers, shoppers and customers to drive growth Introduction: The challenge in any CPG business today is to define where growth can be found. There is no doubt […]

Economic side effects of COVID – 19

There have been many economic side effects of COVID – 19. The rapid increase in online shopping, the reduction in global oil consumption and now, it would appear, the birth of the truly cashless society as changed how we live. The shopper has fallen in love with contactless, but then who wouldn’t in these times. […]

Defining your competencies

Creating a Competency Framework A competency framework is an important tool for a high performing company. It sets the tone and a common language for describing key attributes of a function. A major part of what makes a business unique is its competencies. It identifies where you want to play and how you want to […]

Insight into a customers’ perspective

We know that the delivery of benchmarking results is a moment that can be a pivotal. Investing in the knowledge, skills and expertise of an impartial third party will enable you to generate actions that are both practical and pragmatic. At Big River Solutions, we have a wealth of experience identifying optimum actions and creating action […]

Leading and delivering projects that exceed

Project management is an area that potentially impacts a project’s outcome significantly. We define project management as the planning, organisation and the management of the resources required to complete a specific task. Everyone recognises that the responsiveness and timeliness of a project team are key. However, effective teamwork is also an essential ingredient when looking […]

Hypothesis Based Problem Solving

Problem-solving using a hypothesis-based approach Thinking back to my days of doing puzzles and quizzes, I remembered doing mazes. Just how did I get to the prize in the middle? Well, I always cheated. I started at the end and worked backwards, it was always much easier. The same can be said of problem-solving. Think […]