It’s eyeballs over footfall

Let’s talk about the “endless aisle” (Source: Think by Google: Pablo Pérez, Georgie Altman) Clients have confirmed that the likelihood of grocery shopping returning to normal in 2021 is low. With shoppers unable to visit and dwell time instore under pressure, the shopper mission has changed, with many suppliers believing this change in behaviour will be for good. In recent months customers […]

eCommerce considerations that support the store

In 2020 retailers and suppliers focused on replenishing shelves at all costs to meet the pandemic demand. Indeed filling the pandemic basket became the primary objective. Last year was a very tactical year for many brands and suppliers. Strategic planning was put to one side.  As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2021, customers and suppliers confirm that the […]

How to roll out omni-channel

Today we’re going to explore how taking an omnichannel approach delivers added value to shopping marketing. Omnichannel marketing is a strategic approach to targeting, influencing and persuading the shopper, at both the “point of purchase” and “point of sale”, to buy a category or brands​. Omnichannel marketing extends and integrates the shopper marketing task to include the whole shopper journey […]

What the 4x is Omni-Channel Marketing?

E-Commerce, shopper marketing and channel strategy are perceived by many, to be within the omnichannel experience. But is omnichannel a misunderstanding caused by a misalignment of definition? Recently I have heard Omni-channel described as an outdated term, with the updated name being ‘digital duplication’ (of the physical store). Is it a digital store, e-commerce or […]

Heads Up #4: The Deposit Return Scheme Legislation

In this final instalment, we review legislation that will be implemented in 2022. We look at the Deposit Return Scheme and its impact on consumers, shoppers, brands, environments, categories and stores. But first here is an ice breaker Which of these European countries already run deposit return schemes? Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, […]