The Magic Numbers

Numbers 13, 666, 2020 were walking down the street. Everyone around them was running for cover. 13 turned to 666 and said “They’re all running away from you 666 because you scare them”. 666 replies “No 13, you’re the unluckiest number. They’re running away from you”. To their left, they heard 2020 cough. “I think […]

Move over Maslow there’s a Nairn kid in town

We explore the fundamentals of what brands must get right to be successful and why Maslow may not be the only go-to for building the consumer understanding they need. There’s a lot of talk about how to build a great brand proposition in the 21st century, like having a purpose, a great story, great advertising […]

How did I nearly miss the opportunity?

I wanted to talk about opportunity, so thought I’d start with a pithy quote about it, only to find that there are thousands. Here are just a few: Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Opportunities are never lost: someone will take the ones you miss. Seize […]

Only a few knew where Wuhan City, China was on December 28th, 2019.

On December 31st the World Health organisation was informed that a ‘cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown cause’ had been detected in Wuhan City. By January 20th cases had been reported in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. The first confirmed case was reported in the UK on January 22nd from a UK citizen returning from […]