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Category Marketing and the Holy Trinity

Centring on Category Marketing, here is a quick guide to comprehensive Revenue Growth Management Here are the 5 features RGM is not: Alchemy or trigonometry. A technical response to price negotiation. A qualification process used to escort the buyer towards the desired outcome. A study of past evidence to create a future outcome based on […]

Support Consumer Choice through Positive Consumer Behaviour Change

Mondays are generally internal meetings and follow up calls as we get the working week underway. Towards the end of today’s meeting, we discussed the impact of new legislation and business performance on the consumer. Checking the morning Twitter feed before our team meeting, I read that Debenhams had called in the receivers for the […]

RGM: The path to purchase

Introduction: RGM has become a forgotten discipline. An over-dependence on market data has to lead to a decline in expert portfolio revenue management. With the CPG market under threat, 2020 has seen a real shakedown for retailing. It’s been coming for over 4 years, but until now the industry had managed the change discretely. No-one […]

I always wanted to be an A&R scout

This is a cautionary tale for brand owners who are feeling the heat from the supermarkets demanding significant cost reductions. The request by the supermarkets has come at a time when shoppers have taken control and moved online, leaving order fulfilment in the hands of the store pickers. In addition, brand owners know that a […]

Staying connected whilst working from home

Here are 5 ways to stay connected. (These are not for everyone but one or two may work) The Daily Commute. Don’t just tumble out of bed and go to the laptop. Why not grab a coffee  (on your virtual way to work) and make a pre-arranged call to a colleague. Fireside chats first thing […]

Be curious. Be connected

It’s important to feel connected. Working from home doesn’t give us that water cooler moment anymore. WFH never keeps us up to date as much as we would like and that’s true of everyone who is working from home. Feeling connected is one of life’s essentials. When we’re connected, we feel purposeful and reassured that […]