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We like to share our knowledge, hence we created Rebalancing Resources annually. These reports summarise the factors affecting Growth in Consumer Goods. Each year we conduct interviews with FMCG client subject matter experts to paint a commercial picture for the next 12 months

Rebalancing Resources Report 2020

As we enter the 'golden quarter' of 2020, these series of reports will provide an understanding of the impact of commercial excellence on brands and shopper engagement across the industry based on surveys conducted at the end of 2019. The golden quarter in any year is the most successful trading period in any year. Will the golden quarter of  2020 be any different?

We hope that Rebalancing Resources™ 2020 will spark your thinking, help you find or confirm your priorities and generate discussion for rebalancing your resources behind your growth drivers.

Note: First published in 2017, Rebalancing Resources™ gives an annual insight into the state of crucial commercial capabilities amongst leading CPG companies.

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Summary Rebalancing Resources Report 2020


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