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Category Marketing Health Check

Big River Solutions

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  • It is quick and easy
  • Only takes 3 minutes
  • Helps pinpoint areas to work on
  • Provides a check list to review performance
  • Gives clarity on what to do next.

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We have a fact-based understanding of the key trends and dynamics of the category, and have identified the key topics we need to understand and solve to drive category and company growth

We have defined Category and company growth drivers based on unique and actionable insights about our target consumers, shoppers and customers

We have a 5-year Category Vision that has been translated into our business vision in the category and is supported by our strategic and tactical Category plans

Our innovation and activation programmes translate our Category plans into highly effective category-focused, brand-led solutions to unlock category growth

Our Category based initiatives engage, influence and win with the Category’s target consumers, shoppers and customers

We achieve the results we expect and actively manage the execution and effectiveness of our Category activities

The strategic and operational roles of Category Marketing are defined and understood within our business

Our Category Marketing processes are fully integrated into all relevant strategic and operational processes within our business

Our Category Marketing organisation is efficient and fit for purpose

The people in our Category Marketing organisation perform their roles and responsibilities to the expected standards

We have appropriate and effective development programmes in place to ensure our people deliver excellence in their roles and prepare them for future roles

We have the necessary technical and personal support systems, tools and interventions in place to help people achieve excellence and thrive in their roles