Health Checks

Why should I do this?

  • It is quick and easy
  • Only takes 3 minutes
  • Helps pinpoint areas to work on
  • Provides a check list to review performance
  • Gives clarity on what to do next.

The Start Point

Often the starting point to such work is a frank appraisal of the current situation and then the creation of a roadmap to upskill the organisation.

The Answer

In answering the survey below you will receive an informed appraisal of your category marketing capability.

Your answers will identify if there are any areas that you want to work on to improve your results.

Next Step

Once your answers have been submitted and assessed we will provide feedback in the priority areas.

If you would prefer to undertake a more rigorous appraisal please contact us.

Should you want to, we would be happy to discuss these areas identified and suggest a way to upskill.

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