Keeping all players ‘in the game’

Team Motivation

A motivated team is important and there are various ways to achieve this where corporate team building, problem-solving and team leadership activities have a role to play. These activities allow a team to bond and grow and create stronger, more honest relationships. Finding the right activity to use has a major part to play in the successful outcome of this initiative.

Big River has been successfully involved in these types of activities with several organisations, delivering hands-on one-day sessions or a more in-depth process over a series of workshops. All activities involve commitments from those involved with regard to their future behaviours or actions.

Following your brief, we will create a tailored event that includes the elements detailed below. The event will be designed to keep all players ‘in the game’ whatever the structure of the event, from training day to team briefing and from a conference to Christmas party.

Motivation – getting individuals to challenge assumptions of themselves and others through light-hearted group co-ordination sessions. Integrating individuals to form a cohesive group that will work together effectively.

Energiser – tailored physical and mental exercises in all sessions. Creating activities and energisers that keep all delegates excited, enthusiastic and open to cultural change.

In addition, using our team of specialists Big River Solutions can deliver:

Conference speeches

  1. An impactful, compelling and captivating presentation generating understanding of how different people approach to change in different ways
  2. A thought-provoking consideration of what each individual wants and what they will need to do to achieve those goals
  3. A ‘warm-up’ or ‘conclusion’ presentation for a sales conference or business meeting.

Workshop elements

  1. Providing leadership activities and communications tasks
  2. Using team exercises, both physical and mental, to discuss tactics, develop strategy and then reflect on the challenges and benefits
  3. Relating personal and team discoveries and feedback to the corporate environment.