A tool to ensure the best performance

Executive Coaching

This module offers individually tailored sessions that meet the needs of the individual and the organisation paying for the service. It is a confidential service that is held in private with a set of goals identified and the way to achieve them mapped out. Most coaching is done to develop the capabilities of high potential performers with the goal of creating and retaining effective individuals.

A recent Harvard Business Review survey identified the top reasons for coaching;
To develop high potentials,
To facilitate the transition,
To act as a sounding board.

The overall objective is to enhance the performance of valued employees.

The world is demanding and volatile.  In a period of such dramatic change, investment in creating high performing executives in the form of coaching offers tailored development opportunities as well as helping coachees understand how to act.

Coaching should be seen as a tool to ensure the best performance from your most critical talent. Coaching facilitates individual behaviour change, building capabilities and exploring strengths and values in order to help the coachee achieve their potential. It is a way to develop leadership, managerial and interpersonal skills and optimise performance.

Coaching works best when the coachee is willing to be coached and where there is chemistry between the coach and coachee (ideally the coachee should be allowed to choose the coach). The coachee needs to be positive about changing and have a desire to learn and grow. The coach should be able to create a safe environment and a high-quality relationship.

The structure of the sessions is dependent on the needs of the client, but a typical structure is:

Standard package - six hours

Six, one hour sessions, fortnightly or monthly.

Most appropriate for ongoing resilience, long-term performance focus or getting ready for a promotion.

Maternity coaching - six hours

Three, two-hour sessions.

One pre-maternity leave, one 30-45 days before returning, one 30 days after returning.

Organisation change - dependant on timescale of re-organisation

One hour sessions fortnightly during key weeks, monthly during build-up and afterwards.