Developing common vision, mission, purpose and goals

CReating Effective Teams

People are what every business needs to thrive and survive

To deliver your business goals, your people all need to be aligned with a common view, understand the objective as a team and their role within that team. Having a common understanding of the business’s vision and mission is a key part of this.

We believe that an aligned team will deliver significantly more when morale is high which in turn increases team efficiency, performance and profit. As new processes and expectations are implemented, teams learn to be agile where disconnected teams can cause disruption.Ensuring that everyone is engaged, enthusiastic and embracing the culture change required is a challenge to any business in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

There are three elements that we can help you with:

  1. Creating a common vision, mission, purpose and set of goals for the team
  2. Creating a motivated team
  3. Coaching (individual or team).

Team Vision, Mission, Purpose and set of Goals

Using a workshop approach Big River Solutions can work with the team to develop a common vision, mission, purpose and set of goals, facilitating the team to create their own vision of the future with a clear plan of how to get there.

Motivated team

A motivated team is important and there are various ways to achieve this where corporate team building, problem-solving and team leadership activities have a role to play. These activities allow a team to bond and grow and create stronger, more honest relationships. Finding the right activity to use has a major part to play in the successful outcome of this initiative.

Big River Solutions has been successfully involved in these types of activities with several organisations, delivering hands-on one-day sessions or a more in-depth process over a series of workshops. All activities involve commitments from those involved with regard to their future behaviours or actions.


We offer coaching for individuals and teams.

Having a group of high-performing individuals comes with no guarantee of a high-performing team. Team coaching allows team members to understand how best to relate to people with different working styles. It means that each can recognise the unique strengths of other team members and so adjust their own behaviour to be more insightful and empathetic. It results in a team where trust runs deep and collaboration is high.

This would be led by our resident trained coach.

Questions our motivation and personal development resource can help you answer:
· How do I get my team to work towards common goals?
· What can I do to help my team embrace change?
· How can my team become more creative, proactive and solutions orientated?